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22 Jan 2020

A letter to my CeeDub family

3 years and several months. It’s about the same time it takes to go through an undergrad degree.

My time at Creative Waikato has been insightful and powerful. I have learned such a vast amount I’m not sure I can really comprehend it all at once. Not to mention joining a team that became as important to me as family. I was a newly wed when I started, I put my back out painting a mural, had a baby boy, had a baby girl, worked all over the Waikato region, spent many nights away in our gorgeous towns and even got as far down as Invercargill to run some workshops. Its been a fulfilling, liberating and hilarious ride.

Working at Creative Waikato (CeeDub) means you get to be a part of making, seeking and grabbing opportunities with passionate people. Opportunities that can be huge, career altering experiences or simply make life a little easier than it was yesterday. Also, at times not every idea works out for the best but being bold and moving forward has always been the mandate. It has been such a great pleasure seeing the inside of so many wonderful creative projects that people are so highly committed and invested in. Sharing some of their passion and helping in even a small way towards visions being realised has been a privilege.

I came to CeeDub while I was doing hundreds of kms per week working between Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton – on the artist hustle! In the same week I interviewed for my role here I was asked to interview for a role at my favourite gallery… two dream jobs dangled in front of me at the same time after hustling for years, chasing fixed term contracts or teaching summer school and winter school papers here and there, having art shows, picture framing, curating, doing pop-ups… just trying to get some traction. The appeal of a permanent and stable job was too good to pass up and luckily, as I now know, my mentor at that time had the foresight to help me make the right decision in what path to follow.

As someone who was always driven to one day have their practice as their full time life sustenance (sound familiar?), working here has been a huge education into how art is perceived and resourced from many walks of life. I have grown stronger and wiser and found confidence in my time here, my passion for my community, my city and my region has been given a life-long adrenaline shot. This has been the best job I have ever had and I expect will be the best team I will ever work with.

Thank you to the passionate, kind, intelligent and beautiful people I have worked with. Dear friends for life, bffs even! We have been a family sharing so much together and the laughter has been frequent and loud.

Thanks for the good times

Craig x