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15 Dec 2021

Michael Moore: It's the love for me

It’s the love for me, the cosmic hug kind of love that squeezes through dimensions and makes you feel held when you stretch your heart thin and transparent in the workplace that I’ll miss the most.

Creative Waikato, you warm hug, you coffee and cake for pretend reasons, you oversized gallery that shrunk, you spikey massage ball and footrest for dangling feet, you colourful wall and slightly under-watered pot plants, you bunny ears scissors and dungeon storage, you noisy air conditioning and wobbly whiteboards, you drawer of chocolate, you CEO cardboard cut out, you hyper-intelligent think tank, you boisterous laughter and gentle roasting, you mind-bending conversation, you heart lifting conversation, you perfectly timed conversation, you leader in the community, you retreat spa and shooting stars, you brainchild of epic hearts and minds, you lover of local creativity, you advocate of magic and you special, special, special people will journey with me, stirring in my ngaakau as I step out on my own, grown and matured to create a life where love continues to expand.

Michael Moore

Sitting here, with a swirling pink gin, looking back over my time with Creative Waikato, it’s obvious that what hits with oomph has always been the people, you are all incredible and I see you (Avatar Vibes) in all your glorious shine; Whether it’s Alexis leading from the back, because when the back is covered the front can thrive, Clifton Strengths coming through correct, though I would say she embodies Manaakitanga, or Lauren, our explosion of talent, one billion dollars + worth of creativity strutting the streets of H town, laying the Patty Smack down, or Paul, a masterful artist on walls, canvases and in life, creating beauty with paint and reflecting that beauty in our work, or Adrienne with divinely placed gems that echo the power of our core values, and I could go on, but whoever brought the gifts, it’s how we shared them with openness and sense of arohaa that I will forever be grateful for.

Michael Moore

Thank you from me and the entire whakapapa weaved into my bones for being, as Jeremy would say with the vastness of his wisdom; “all the things”.

I wish you all the best and only the best.