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Lauren Mann

Communications and Marketing Manager

Meet our Communications and Marketing Manager, Lauren Mann.

Brand protector, storyteller, content director, copywriter, and media maestro -Lauren manages our Comms and Marketing team, the digital space, and to get dressed every morning.

Touch stone for all digital doings – the disco witch’s daylight hours involve, content production, media strategies, advertising, brand and campaign management, and lots of coffee. Making sure our mahi reaches the right peeps, goes where it needs to go, and links back to the Creative Waikato vision and pou.

Beyond that, Lauren gets her kicks by sinking her teeth into mad but magic projects, performances and collaborations. Using her background in dance, movement direction and editorial fashion to create, innovate, educate and entertain the unsuspecting masses.

A social creature, she’ll pop with excitement when sharing ideas, troubleshoot your marketing woe’s with cutting edge advice, and is always – always – up for a bit of a boogie.

We can confirm she definitely doesn’t bite.