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Zara Gilbert

Creative Development

Meet Zara Gilbert – enthusiastic member of the Creative Development team, and promotion guru for the Elevate programme. 

Involved in the Waikato performing arts community from a young age, Zara’s innate draw to documentary, storytelling and performance has been the foundation of her journey throughout the entertainment, fashion and media industry. 

Joining the team from a background in production, content creation, media sales, social media, photography and videography – Zara’s thrilled to uplift, inspire and support the creative community. Focusing her abundant talents and infectious energy into helping Waikato artists connect passion and purpose, to build rewarding and fulfilling creative lives. 

A musician, model, spiritual thinker and digital influencer, Zara exists as a creative force with an ambitious focus on building community and recreating a homegrown slice of concrete jungle in her Kirikiriroa home. 

When she isn’t about the town, you can find her – or not find her – deliberately lost in the bush, swimming in waterfalls, or blissfully meditating like a contemporary buddhist.